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Acquisition of LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ

Acquisition of innovative IT company, LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ and rebranding into :/root

Leap Technologies (LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ) and a Technical Investment Company (Name kept undisclosed) have entered into a definitive agreement under which the tech. investment company has acquired LTE completely and rebranded LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ with a completely new corporate identity, :/root. Information Technology sector is a key enabler in helping Saudi Arabia to achieve its 2030 Vision plan. To bridge the IT gap and contribute to the ever-growing digitalization of the Saudi businesses, :/root provides innovative IT services including web development, mobile app development, BI & analytics, IT consultation, hosting, branding, copywriting & digital marketing. As a part of community services, :/root will continue to maintain free Arabic digital library,, providing free content and easy-to-use templates targeting students, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and businesses. Just in two years, project has served more than 200K active Arab users and exceeded half-million downloads. Under the acquisition deal, which took eight months to complete, all the clients of LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ will be now served by :/root. The previous members of the team will remain in the company and plans are already underway to expand the team to bring in new & fresh talent. LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ was founded by Abdulrahman Z. Al-Tamimi in 2014. Just in two years of operations, the start-up was a success and worked successfully with clients from government, large corporates, SMEs & individuals. Due to Al-Tamimi’s commitment and working spirit, he has been nominated in Forbes 2015 as the "Entrepreneur Shaping Saudi Arabia's Future". The team of :/root will continue to focus on achieving LTE إلـ تيـ إيـ’s vision by enriching the Arabic content online, enhancing the quality level of the technical offerings locally & providing e-commerce platforms that allow traditional business transformed digitally. It will provide SaaS apps to help businesses increase their productivity on the go via advanced Cloud app solutions. :/root is committed to be the link between businesses and IT to connect with the digital aspect of modern times. With insights, expertise and support dedicated to information technology solutions, :/root will keep providing tools to bring people together, lower costs and take businesses of Saudi Arabia forward towards a better future.