Credit Cards Acceptance

You are 1 click away from getting your money! Grow your online business by accepting global credit cards with more than 75 currencies!   Your online business can accept online payments instantly & securely with the plenty payment options we provide (Visa, Master Card, AMEX, etc).   Accepting online payments totally save

SADAD Account

Online shoppers increasing rapidly since #SADAD_Account introduced. As a small or medium enterprise, you can now expand your customer base. SADAD Account provides your business with an easy, secure, and convenient payment platform online. This grants your products more visibility, facilitates accessibility, and helps your business grow. With SADAD, shoppers will no more need a credit card to shop online.


You have a value ticket size? “SADAD Payment System” provide you with “SADAD bills” which allow your business’ customers pay a high value ticket size via Banks, ATMs, Online Banking or Phone Banking. Being a SADAD Biller, will ensure you.


Sell more, collect your money instantly and let your customer buy with convenient & easy installment plans (0% installments). Cash is the KING buyers always looking for good installment opportunities!

Cash on Delivery (COD)

A Convenient and accessible payment option for your customers. Now they can pay cash at their doorstep.

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